Spend 10 dollars
10 Reasons to Spend 10 at Catskills Farmers Markets

Imagine. If everyone in the Sullivan Catskills spent $10 at the farmers market this summer. Over $360,000 would go back into our economy. Plus, you’d enjoy the freshest, tastiest food – 97% agree. What’s your reason to spend $10? Find yours below, then pledge here to get a free gift.


1. VALUE: See how far your dollar goes…

It’s time to clear up the myth that farmers market food costs more. During peak produce season (July through September), you’ll find that fruits and vegetables are the same in price or even lower. Those who receive SNAP/EBT benefits can enjoy even more value: they’ll receive $4 in FreshConnect checks for every $10 they spend at the farmers market.

If you see produce that’s a few cents more at the farmers market, it’s worth it. In fact, nearly 3 out of 4 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Market shoppers agree or strongly agree: “I get a good value for my money.” The next 9 reasons highlight why farmers market food is the best food you can buy.

SOURCE: 398 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets shoppers surveyed in 2016.


2. FARMERS: Help them earn 90 cents on the dollar…not 17 cents!

When you buy food at a chain grocery store, the farmer only receives 17 cents on the dollar. At the farmers market? It’s at least 90 cents (costs include market fees and marketing). Show your heart for homegrown – and your local farmers and #SpendTen!

SOURCE: https://nfu.org/farmers-share


3. FLAVOR: 9 in 10 agree that farmers market food is fresher, tastes better

97% of Catskills market shoppers agree: farmers market food is fresher and tastes better! Take the ultimate taste test. Take the ultimate taste test. Try a locally grown tomato versus one from a mass commercial farm out of state. You’ll be shocked (in a good way). Local produce doesn’t just pack more flavor, it’s more nutritious When produce sits in a warehouse for days or weeks, it can lose nutritional value.

SOURCE: 398 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets shoppers surveyed in 2016.
SOURCE: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/7_benefits_of_eating_local_foods


4. FRESHNESS: Enjoy food harvested locally — not 1,494 miles away

When you buy fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, you’re enjoying produce that was harvested within days – maybe hours – and traveled under 50 miles (often even less!) to arrive at the farmers market. Compare that to the national average that produce travels: 1,494 miles. Buying local means better tasting food and reduces the amount of carbon emissions going into our atmosphere.

For Joan, a regular shopper at the Rock Hill Farmers Market, freshness is important:

“I like knowing my food didn’t go on a truck and travel 1,000 miles and sit in the back of a store before getting to me.”

SOURCE: http://lib.dr.iastate.edu/leopold_pubspapers/130


5. IMPACT: Keep 3.7x more money in the Catskills economy

For local farmers, agriculture is their livelihood. Like any local retailer, they have to invest in employees, materials, and services to run their business. That’s why spending ten locally matters. For every $10 you spend, our farmers invest about $5 back into the local economy – chain stores invest about $1.

Imagine. If all 77,000+ Sullivan County residents spent $10 just once this summer, that would send over $360,000 back into our Catskills economy.

SOURCE: http://www.civiceconomics.com/indie-impact.html
SOURCE (2010 Census): https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/sullivancountynewyork/PST045216


6. FUN: It’s not a shopping trip, it’s an event

You can’t enjoy live music, kid’s story time, or talk to farmers at the grocery store. But you can at the farmers market.

Farmers markets are more than places to buy food. It’s a chance to enjoy a vibrant social scene, connect with neighbors (including farmers), and learn about what’s going on in the community. A regular shopper at the Barryville Farmers Market praised the area with Adirondack chairs and an umbrella:

“The Barryville Farmers Market has a nice area to sit and chat with neighbors – it’s a real civic space.”

SOURCE: 398 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets shoppers surveyed in 2016.


7. HEALTHY: 94% agree that farmers markets help them eat healthier

It’s easier to eat more fruits and vegetables when they taste better! That may be one reason why almost every Catskills Farmers Market shopper believes markets positively impact their health. Farmers markets also provide free recipe ideas and tips, making it simple to cook up healthy meals. Monticello resident Greg shared the struggle many face:

“It’s hard to eat healthy! I work nights and typically get food from the drive thru on the way home because I’m pretty tired.”

Last June, Greg stopped by the Monticello Farmers Market for the first time.

“I think it’s awesome. I’m excited to bring home these carrots to my daughter — carrots are her favorite. I will be back.”

SOURCE: 398 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets shoppers surveyed in 2016.


8. QUALITY: The same…if not better…than grocery stores

Did you know that local meat is subject to the same USDA inspections as meat you find at the grocery store? You can eat local with confidence knowing your food was grown and produced by your neighbors who want your family to enjoy the highest quality food.

SOURCE: https://www.agriculture.ny.gov/FS/industry/04circs/Art5BsaleofmeatCIR914.pdf


9. CONNECTION: 92% love meeting Catskills farmers

One shopper at the Callicoon Farmers Market noted:

“Shopping at the market has changed the way our family, and every other family we know, eats and thinks about food.”

When food is locally grown, the farmer is known – and that’s a good thing! Farmers love sharing recipes, prep tips, and facts about what they grow. Ask them anything and you’ll see why 9 out of 10 shoppers agree that meeting farmers is a special part of the farmers market experience.

SOURCE: 398 Sullivan Catskills Farmers Markets shoppers surveyed in 2016.


10. VARIETY: So much more than fruits and veggies…

Think beyond local fruits and vegetables, you’ll find more variety at the farmers market: Award-winning hard cider made from local foraged apples and found in NYC’s top restaurants (The Cidery’s Aaron Burr Cider). Maple syrup tapped from our own Catskills maple trees (Winterton Farms). Humanely raised pork, beef, and chicken (Majestic Farms). These are just a few examples of the ultimate variety waiting for you at the farmers market.