6 Reasons to Shop at your Local Farmers Market

6 Reasons to Shop at your Local Farmers Market


Farmers Markets are fun, socially fulfilling, and a great way for the entire family to eat healthier. They are also one of the best ways to support our neighbors – hard-working Catskills farmers! Here are 6 reasons to visit your local farmers market this summer:

  1. You get to buy delicious food! The food you get at a farmers’ market can only be fresher if you were to pick it yourself from your own garden. Often, farmers will pick their produce that day, sometimes in the morning, before the market. You can really taste all the flavors of the produce you get with it being that fresh!


  1. It encourages you to be a part of the community. Going to the farmers’ market is a great way to see all the folks in your community. After all, they are community-oriented events. Having interactions at the markets are a great way to help create stronger bonds among you and your neighbors, as well as get in on what’s happening in your community.


  1. You support local families. When you buy from a local farmer, you aren’t just supporting the farm. You’re helping to support the family that relies on income from selling the products they make. Knowing what your money is going towards is a great feeling. And knowing that you can help to feed another family just by feeding your own is even better!


  1. There’s more than just buying stuff. Often at Catskills farmers markets there are cooking demos, live music, and a host of other booths! Going to the market is more than just buying your weeks’ worth of groceries. It becomes an experience that you can look forward to every weekend.


  1. Learning new things. By just going to the farmers market, you can learn a bunch of new things when it comes to food. Often the farmers have great recipes that you can try out, or new foods that you may not have seen before. You also get to learn when the produce you like are naturally in season. Who knows, something you learn there might stick with you for the rest of your life!



  1. You get to know where your food is from. The best part about going to the farmer’s market is that you know where that food was grown. It could have been grown right down the road, or in the next town over instead of trucked from the other end of the country. Or, shipped from all over the world! There’s something to be said about knowing who produced the food you eat, and it’s a great reason to fall in love with your local farmers’ market.


To learn more about your local farmers markets visit www.sullivancatskillsfarmersmarkets.com